About Loona dance

Loona Dance is an experiential dance concept, a dance of the moon (luna), a Temple dance which can also be called the dance of the womb. While dancing there is great concentration on our pelvis (our alchemical cauldron, grail), our uterus (women's centre of power, creativity, instinctive intuition) our feelings (contact with the heart) and the present moment (be aware of the body, not the mind only ). To achieve this, Loona dance includes dance games, simple repetitive movements – monomovements, which develop the right hemisphere, bring us into a state of relaxation, peace, into our centre, and draw our attention to ourselves, our body, to perceiving oneself and one's inner feelings which we experience while dancing. Loona dance connects us with our inner guide - intuition. It is a meditation through dance.

This dance concept strengthens and brings awareness to the physical level (muscles, body), the energetic level (vital energy), and it provides relaxation and harmonisation of the emotional/mental level.
The physiological part:
The dance activates and relaxes the whole pelvic area and the pelvic floor, it gives a gentle massage and stimulation to women's organs. While dancing, it clears the pathway for the blood supply, hormones, and the free flow of energy. It helps with blood circulation and bringing oxygen and heat to the ovaries and uterus.
Loona dance also strengthens the legs, supports lymph circulation and forms the body into a more feminine shape.
The spiral movements and similar movements in the pelvic area help release pain in the hips, lumbar and sacral part of the vertebrae.

The energetic and emotional part:

The dance concept also takes into account the energetic wave of lunar / female cycle, ie. the archetypes of the Maiden, the Mother, the Enchantress, and the Crone (or wise woman) - qualities available to every woman. It consciously develops femininity in all its forms - dynamics, allure, tenderness, playfulness, frailty, support, love, sensuality, gentility, wildness, sex-appeal, creativity, power, compassion, and solidarity. It helps us to realize and distinguish the feminine and masculine features (the masculine ones being usually more visibile and used more often nowadays) within ourselves . This helps us to understand ourselves and our lives better, and to manifest these qualities in conscious and creative ways in our everyday life. Loona dance increases the awareness of oneself... above everything else.

Loona dance releases suppressed emotions and blocks from our cellular memory into consciousness so that they can disappear for once. The vivid pelvic area brings joy, strength, energy, courage, and vitality to our system. Loona dance provides grounding and strengthens the 1st and 2nd chakra, which helps us to deal with fear or anxiety.

Why dance of the womb?
If our body is a temple, then the womb is its altar.
With the dance of the womb, contact with our body and feelings we cultivate our femininity, strengthen the contact with ourselves, and also get in touch with the female collective strength, which provides energy. It is also beneficial for the health of the female reproductive organs. If we want to cultivate our femininity, it is necessary to start from the source, which is the womb.

The womb is:

  • fundamentally connected to our femininity, feminine qualities
  • feminine and sexual energetic centre – it affects our sexuality, itis a source of power, creativity, and in other words it is the owen of the body

  • so-called: emotional sponge (psychosomatic) - from the perspective of the Tao philosophy (M. Piontek) the womb (uterus) absorbs the emotions which were not consciously experienced and were suppressed and stored in our system. The emotions are especially related to topics such as sexuality, acceptance of femininity in general, motherhood, partner and family relationships, traumatic birth-giving.

These unprocessed emotions should be released from the uterus, otherwise they might later on result in gynecological diseases, such as frequent infections, mycoses, cysts, fibroids, infection, cancer, etc., or menstrual problems.
By releasing these emotions we restore our strength and bring life into our uterus. It gives us vitality, joy, creativity, femininity. It is important to give the womb our attention, regularly take care of and purify it. There are various techniques - eg. breathing, visualization, physical and energetic exercises, dance and voice excercises. In Loona dance lesson you will encounter all of this.
Loona Dance is an experiential dance concept that:
- Develops and makes us aware of our femininity, female qualities
- Develops the right hemisphere, creativity (ability to bring our ideas into reality)
- Develops self-love in three pillars:  self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem
- Gives a lot of energy and strength, joy from life and lightness of being
- Helps women to heal different kinds of conscious and unconscious wounds
- With regular practise it partially releases or completely removes: menstrual problems, gynecological problems, pregnancy problems, pain – lumbar and sacral part of the back and within the hips area
-  It can function as prevention from cancer of the female organs, or could be an additional excercise while going through a medical treatment
- By stimulating the internal organs it is beneficial for digestion, supports intestinal peristalsis (helps e.g. with constipation)
- Is suitable for women who are preparing for pregnancy or after giving birth, helps to get over postpartum depression
- Strengthens not only the pelvic floor – engages the deep stabilization system, it helps with the overall posture of the body and develops graceful movements and walking
- It serves to more intense experience of sexual intercourse and improves partner and sexual life
Background music: consciously chosen music helps us to naturally relax in the movement and feel our feminine qualities.
We dance in the style of the Orient, Africa, Hawaii, right hemisphere dance and other dance movements with signs of primitive expression. It also includes dance constellations, dance rituals, shamanic dance, dance of intention, dance of polarities, elements, dance meditation.
Right hemisphere dance - repetitive movements for the development of the right hemisphere and relaxation.
Primitive Expression - a ritual dance for feeling women's solidarity, grounding and joy of life.
We connect with ourselves also through voice, breathing and visualization - meditation.
Loona dance is aimed at women in every age.
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