Michaela Macíková

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Dance teacher

About Michaela:
My name is Michaela and I have the soul of a dancer. 
When I was a child, my most favourite activities were singing and dancing. I was dancing in a folk dancing group, taking part in singing classes, singing in the choir and even attending singing competitions. But in the course of time, I stopped enjoying those activities as I got bored, because everything was too structured for me. Later on, I stopped dancing and singing completely. When I was older I could only dance when I was drunk.

Thanks to Loona Dance Academy and other women courses I came back to myself. I woke up my inner child again, who loves to dance and sing so much. Dancing, singing, women circles, nature and silence are the best medicine for my soul. Thanks to these mediums I can find my inner peace. I love to observe my body while dancing and to see what possible movements my body is able to do. Finally, I found the direction, which I want to go in my life. I have a strong need to do something meaningful in my life, something meaningful for myself, society and the Mother Earth. I am really happy that I can spread Loona Dance over the Czech borders and enable German women to experience this beautiful healing dance concept. I wish that more and more women in this world could experience the nourishing power of women circles, gather regularly and that women circles will become a tradition of our daily lives again.

Dance lessons - Braunschweig, Germany